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Makeda Stephenson, Daniel H Reich and Kenneth R Boheler

Introduction Vascular smooth muscle cells (vSMCs) develop from cell lineage precursors and progenitors to form a layer of non-striated contractile mural cells located between the tunica media and tunica adventitia of blood vessels which

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Ornella Colpani and Gaia Spinetti

vascular system that dramatically increase during aging. Senescence of endothelial and vascular smooth muscle cells Several observations indicate that aging and senescence are processes which contribute to the onset of cardiovascular diseases, and

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Raafat Mohamed, Reearna Janke, Wanru Guo, Yingnan Cao, Ying Zhou, Wenhua Zheng, Hossein Babaahmadi-Rezaei, Suowen Xu, Danielle Kamato and Peter J Little

serine/threonine kinase receptors (S/TKR) notably transforming growth factor (TGF)-β type 1 receptor (TGFBR1). In human vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs), treatment with thrombin ( 12 , 13 ) or endothelin-1 (ET-1) ( 14 , 15 ) stimulates carboxy

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Aurélie Hautefort, Anna Pfenniger and Brenda R Kwak

the plasma membrane and intercellular channels called gap junctions (GJs) connecting the cytoplasms of two neighboring cells ( Fig. 1 ). Cxs are expressed in virtually all tissues and cell types ( 1 , 2 ), including endothelial cells (ECs) and smooth

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Xuechong Hong and Wenduo Gu

vascular wall and their plasticity during vascular remodeling. Alternative names have been used to describe this population such as vascular progenitor cells, smooth muscle progenitor cells and so forth. To avoid confusion in this review, we use the name

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Jaana Schneider, Marianne Pultar and Wolfgang Holnthoner

generated grafts or scaffolds can be reseeded with autologous ECs on the inside and supporting cells (fibroblasts, smooth muscle cells, etc.) on the outside of the tubes. Moreover, microfluidic systems have been established integrating a vascular network in

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T Scott Bowen and Stuart Egginton

hyperglycaemic damage . Nature 2000 787 – 790. ( ) 30 Pangare M Makino A Mitochondrial function in vascular endothelial cell in diabetes . Journal of Smooth Muscle Research = Nihon Heikatsukin Gakkai Kikanshi

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Linda Alex and Nikolaos G Frangogiannis

, are coated by vascular smooth muscle cells. Pericytes are ubiquitously found in all organs and contribute to vascular maturation and stability, by regulating capillary permeability and by restraining endothelial cell proliferation. In addition to their

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Stephen P Gray, Ajay M Shah and Ioannis Smyrnias

/requirement for p22 phox Regulation by Cell expression NOX1 Inducible NOXO1, NOXA1, Rac/yes Post-translational modification of regulatory subunits Vascular smooth muscle, endothelial cells NOX2 Inducible P47 phox , p67 phox , p40

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Amer Harky, Ka Siu Fan and Ka Hay Fan

vascular smooth muscle cell contractility . Circulation Research 2013 327 – 340 . ( ) 27 Zhou YL Zhang YY Cheng BL Xu D Tang LF Chen ZM . Multisystemic smooth muscle dysfunction syndrome in