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Dwitiya Sawant and Brenda Lilly

articles with miR-145 in the title or abstract as of October 2020. Nearly 60%, or 1017 of these publications are cancer-related studies, while 210 or only 12% are cardiovascular-associated. The importance of miR-145 in the cardiovascular system became

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Ruth Ganss

Introduction Cancer and stromal accessory cells co-evolve to foster malignant growth and tumour progression. Among stromal cells, tumour blood vessels have been a major focus in oncology. It has been shown in the early 1970s that the rate of

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Timothy D Le Cras and Elisa Boscolo

by R, arginine or L, leucine at amino acid position 1047) in exon 20 (kinase domain) are common in cancer ( 6 ), and more recently, have also been identified in pediatric vascular anomalies and overgrowth syndromes. All of the PIK3CA mutations

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Paolo Madeddu

soluble morphogenic factors are required for cancer angiogenesis. Many other radically transformative paradigms have been introduced in the last decades. To name a few, the molecular search for the identity of master regulators of vascular tone led to the

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Malik Bisserier, Radoslav Janostiak, Frank Lezoualc’h, and Lahouaria Hadri

role in cancer and cardiovascular diseases ( 23 , 24 , 25 , 26 ). For instance, abnormal hyper-methylation in the promoter region of the tumor suppressor genes has been described as one of the key mediators in tumorigenesis, while hypo-methylation is

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Piotr Kobialka and Mariona Graupera

-limiting step in tumour growth; therefore, the concept of eradicating cancer by inhibiting neoangiogenesis was conceived as a unique opportunity. Nevertheless, blocking VEGF failed to improve survival as a monotherapy. Instead, a combination of anti

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Alessandra Magenta, Reggio Lorde, Sunayana Begum Syed, Maurizio C Capogrossi, Annibale Puca, and Paolo Madeddu

/medical welfare are in the agenda of policy makers and governmental agencies. All around the world, scientists are trying to beat age-related diseases, such as heart attacks, cancer, and dementia; stop people getting ill is an obvious goal to aid the individual

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Nektarios Barabutis

/2 kinases, JAK2/STAT3). They exert their protective activities in the vasculature via P53 induction and by suppressing the LPS-induced P53 phosphorylation (degradation) ( 8 ). Another class of advanced anti-cancer agents, namely the growth hormone releasing

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T Scott Bowen and Stuart Egginton

a major contribution to the aetiology and maintenance of multiple disorders, including those associated with serious risk of mortality and/or level of morbidity, such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke, age-related blindness

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Tomasz Jadczyk, Guido Caluori, Wojciech Wojakowski, and Zdenek Starek

panorama of fields like cardiovascular intervention, neurological and cancer treatment ( 2 ). The devised technologies, relatively to their aim and complexity, face several translational challenges and attrition ( 3 ). Nanoparticles, such as liposomal