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Eleonora Zucchelli, Qasim A Majid and Gabor Foldes

, ex vivo and in vivo 3D models/techniques to study angiogenesis. Assay Application Considerations References In vitro assays  Cell culture wound closure assay Assessing EC migration (71, 72)  Boyden

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Jaana Schneider, Marianne Pultar and Wolfgang Holnthoner

use of 3D printing in order to establish ‘vascular trees’ in biocompatible hydrogels ( 1 ) or the decellularization of larger vascular structures for instance from the small intestine of the pig ( 2 ) or from the human placenta ( 3 ) ( Fig. 1 ). The

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Xuechong Hong and Wenduo Gu

. ( ) 2 Gu W Hong X Potter C Qu A Xu Q . Mesenchymal stem cells and vascular regeneration . Microcirculation 2017 24 . ( ) 3 Klein D . Vascular wall

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Aurélie Hautefort, Anna Pfenniger and Brenda R Kwak

in the proliferation of tumor cells in cancer has been intensely studied in the past 50 years ( 51 ); however, much less is known about the role of Cxs in postnatal angiogenesis. Knockdown of endothelial Cx43, Cx40 or Cx37 in 3D Matrigel in vitro