Vascular Biology will consider submissions of basic, clinical and translational research and reviews in:

  • Physiological processes: vascular development, vasculogenesis, angiogenesis; vascular / endothelial heterogeneity; mechanisms of vascular/endothelial homeostasis; vascular stem cells; determinants of linage specification and maintenance
  • Repair processes in health and disease: wound healing; vascular regeneration
  • Vascular diseases: vascular inflammation, angiogenesis in disease (including tumor), wound healing; vascular malformations; micro and macro angiopathies; micro and macro vascular diseases; endothelial cell dysfunction Molecular pathways: mechanisms of gene regulation, transcription, epigenetics
  • Metabolism: endothelial cell metabolism
  • Translational aspects: imaging, cell-, gene- RNA based therapies, novel targets
  • Bioengineering technologies in vascular research.