Antioxidants special issue


Role of Natural Antioxidants in The Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases: From bench to bedside

Guest Editors: Professor Gianfranco Pintus, Professor Mario Allegra, Professor Ali Hussein Eid, Professor Arduino Mangoni, Dr Patrick Orlando


Aims & Scope

Oxidative stress is a major instigator of cardiovascular disease (CVD), which remains the leading cause of global morbidity and mortality. Despite great advances in the management of CVD, the available drugs remain far from sufficient. There is then a need for more effective therapeutic agents, which can either be novel or repurposed ones. To this end, nature has been very generous in providing a plethora of bioactives that can be utilized for the management of several diseases including CVD.

This issue aims to bring together a collection of papers (original or review manuscripts) dealing with nature-derived or inspired antioxidants which exhibit preventive or therapeutic capacities in the war against CVD. Papers that deal with molecular and cellular mechanisms of actions are especially welcomed. Clinical trials and systematic reviews are also sought.


Tentative dates

Open for submissions: 1/3/2021
Deadline for submission: 30/9/2021